What do dog food and diesel engine oil have in common?

Truckers. Truckers are vital to the American economy. They haul over 70% of the nation’s freight.1 In fact, three quarters of the U.S. depends on the trucking industry to provide goods to communities across the country. But trucking can be a lonely job. Truckers have very little interaction with others in the regular course of their daily hauls. They spend, on average, 240 nights away from home per year.2 Nearly a third of drivers say being alone all day and away from their families is a significant issue affecting their mental health.

Which made us think – how can we bring more good to a community that brings so much good to us? Simple – by bringing them dogs. Studies have shown that owning a dog can drastically decrease isolation, depression and cardiovascular disease.3

That’s why two first class brands have come together in a unique way to demonstrate how dogs can make a positive impact on the mental and physical health of truckers.

PEDIGREE® is one of America’s best-selling dog food brands. Mobil Delvac™ is one of the world’s best-selling diesel engine oils. Together, they’ve teamed up to help bring dogs in need of a home with truckers in need of company.

And that’s good for dogs. Good for truckers. And better for everyone on the road.

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3. National Alliance on Mental Illness

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