In trucking, 20 lbs can
make all the difference.

See the difference shelter dogs have
made in the lives of these drivers.

Puttin' in the Miles

Jacinda Duran comes from a family of women truck drivers. After raising her children, she decided it was her turn to get out on the road. She’s been driving professionally for the last five years, but found something was missing from this new chapter in her life. watch ► 

A Companion for the Road

Aldrick Battle loves to explore new areas when out on the road, but he also misses his wife and three year-old daughter when he’s gone. Aldrick adopted his dog, Zoro, as a way to bring a member of the family along with him. watch ► 

Dog is my Co-Pilot

Shannon Vogel has been all over the world. She’s also been a candy maker, a chef, a mom, a grandma and now a truck driver. Being a woman on the road by herself presented a new set of challenges in her life. Shannon’s dog, Cora, helps her every step of the way. watch ► 
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